President's Message


A few short years ago I came to the President’s Reception, held that year at the Larchmont Yacht Club.  I had already been to a couple MPI chapters.  I was searching.  But that night I felt a warmth from the members that felt almost like coming home.  I joined the next day…and by the next meeting I found myself on the education committee.  I haven’t looked back.  Yes there have been ups and downs but that feeling of family remains.  The people in this chapter mean a great deal to me.  And I hope whether you are brand new or a seasoned veteran that you get to feel that deep connection as well.

I learned a tremendous amount as President Elect last year.  Now that it’s my turn to take the helm I’m both excited… and mildly nervous.

But I know, with every ounce of me that this is going to be an amazing year.  We have a talented, positive, and motivated board who works well as a team.  We are going to bring you the innovative educational content you desire, the networking opportunities you need, and the fun that MPI WestField is famous for!

If you are a supplier please know that one goal we have is to enhance our partnerships by ensuring we provide you with appreciation, recognition, and increased opportunities to meet with planners.

If you are a planner please know that your voice is important and we want to give you the programming you want to help you grow both professionally and personally. Please get involved in our focus groups or simply reach out to me at any time with your suggestions and ideas.

Speaking of getting involved…I highly recommend that you join a committee.  It’s a lot of fun. And the growth you achieve while contributing to an organization like MPI is beyond anything you can imagine.  There’s an opportunity for everyone no matter your schedule.

The meeting industry is thriving and my goal is to have MPI WestField be THE place for you to find the support, resources, content, and connections you require to succeed.

I appreciate your trust in me and in this team to make that happen. 

Heather Hansen O’Neill

President MPI WestField 2017-2018