Volunteer Testimonials

“As the Program Logistics Volunteer for the November Program I took away more than I ever thought I would.  Not only did I meet a group of amazing people with so much industry knowledge, but I learned a few things that I didn’t know.  It was a valuable experience and I think it’s important to do such things to stay up to date, meet new people and do things I wouldn’t normally have to do at my day job.”

Megan Lisi, CMP
Academy of Management

"Chairing the WestField Cares Committee has been a perfect opportunity to reach out to members and help them navigate through all the great services that MPI has to offer both on the local and national level. Becoming an active volunteer has allowed me to network and develop great relationships with industry professionals and continues to enhance my membership experience."

Melissa Hollander, CMP
WestField Cares Committee Chair