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As a member of MPIWC you receive exclusive access to weekly and monthly newsletters; invitations to our education and networking programs; access to our membership list, the MPIHQ job bank and the MPI Care member assistance program; volunteer recognition programs and annual awards; and skill-enhancing leadership development programs.   Click here to see the Top 10 Benefits of Membership and complete your application today!

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Each of you has a story. Now you have the opportunity to share your unique story for the “I am MPI” campaign at This site was created to celebrate the passions that drive the people in the MPI community.

MPI's community is full of inspired members whose MPI experience has made a real difference in their personal and professional lives. Meeting and event professionals have a unique calling. We bring all sorts of people together for all kinds of purposes.

Share your story and read those of other members.  Become part of the MPI mosaic—inspire yourself and others.  Think back to how you got into the industry. Your first MPI event.  Your first business connection through MPI, which I’m sure you probably still have to this day.  How has MPI helped your career?  How has volunteering with MPI helped you personally and professionally?  Tell your story today at

What is Meeting Professional International? 

Meeting Professionals International, the meeting industry’s largest and most vibrant global community, is committed to delivering success for its nearly 17,000 worldwide members by providing innovative knowledge and learning experiences, connecting people and ideas, and creating rich marketplace opportunities. Founded in 1972, the Dallas-based organization delivers global human connections through its 90 chapters and clubs in 24 countries.

Whether you are a planner, supplier, student or faculty member, decisions like joining MPI have to be based on ROI.  No matter what side of the industry you are on, the investment in membership to MPI New England can provide tremendous benefit personally and to your organization.

You’ve got choices.
Choose the membership that’s right for you. 

MPI has recently rolled out a new approach to your annual membership.  As a Planner or Supplier, MPI’s tiered membership approach gives you the ability to choose your membership experience. From ambitious beginners to seasoned pros, MPI has what you need to help you grow and advance your career. 


If you are already a member, you are currently classified as a Preferred Member.  During your membership renewal you can choose the level that offers you the best membership experience. 

Click HERE to learn much more about the benefits to tiered membership.