August 2016  

President's Corner


President's Message  

To our WestField members, colleagues and friends.

First, I want to thank each and every one of our incredible members for supporting our chapter and all of those remarkable people who worked so diligently putting together this absolutely elegant golf classic and awards event. We could not have done this without all of you. Each contributing a unique and special element to ensure this came together so gloriously.

I am feeling so many emotions, excited, thrilled, proud and eager to be stepping into the role of President of this fabulous chapter, following in the very large footsteps of some of the finest industry leaders and most inspiring mentors that I have had the pleasure to work with, learn from and call friend.  With so many smiling, happy faces looking back as I begin this new endeavor, I am certain that this is going to be an extraordinary year.  I could not ask for better support and camaraderie than from the members of WestField and being able to work together with this enthusiastic, creative and empowering incoming Board of Directors.  Stay tuned for a cutting edge year filled with invaluable educational programs, unique special events, breathtaking venues and so much more.

In an industry that when I began so many, many, many years ago was not even recognized continues to hold the Best 100 Jobs Ranking, employs over 2 million people in the United States alone and is one of the most rapidly growing professions in the world.  What an achievement for the industry and all of us that are so dedicated, and so proud to part of the fast paced, energetic, growing meetings and convention industry.

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Because your feedback is very important to us, we have added this one click feature to send confidential emails to us anytime. 



We look forward to hearing your comments!


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Upcoming Events


MPI WestField is excited to announce the following 2016-2017 events and programs!  Check out the amazing speakers and hot topics that you have asked for!  More details will be made available shortly through our website and Facebook page, as well as on Instagram and Twitter @MPIWC.

September 22, 2016 - James Mapes:  IMAGINE THAT!  Igniting Your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance



October 13, 2016 - Bonnie Marcus- The Politics of Promotion



November 17, 2016 - TBD



December 5, 2016 - MPI WestField Annual Holiday Event



February 17, 2017 - MPI February Education Event


We hope you are as excited as we are for the 2016-2017 Educational Year!

Warmest Regards,

Judy Stern, CMP
VP, Education 
   Karen Haas
   Director, Professional Development    
   Cathleen Hartney, CMP
   Director, Program Logistics 


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Meet the Member Spotlight


Bogdan Stefanide

I started working in this industry as an AV technician for PSAV.

One highlight of my career was when the Team leader at the moment from Swank AV with the General Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing of the hotel asked me to get the Director of Event Technology’s position.

MPI Westfield is there for me to discover.

I would love to travel the world.

Best way to reach me is via email [email protected] or 203-244-0674



Karen Dunn

I was born in…  Massapequa, NY (Long Island)

How I started in the industry…. I went to school to be a teacher!  But my first job out of college was as a Meeting Planner.  After 3 years, I was hooked in the industry.  Started on the hotel side after that in Catering Sales, then Convention Services, and then on to Group Sales, where I still remain!

One highlight of my career….  My current position.  It is so rewarding to have 11 amazing properties to sell.  But on a more “fun” side, my highlight was working at the Renaissance Times Square during New Years Eve of 2000 into 2001.  I was able to step out on to the rooftop with my now husband (boyfriend at the time), and experience the Ball Drop over the crowd of Times Square.  And then back right inside into the warmth!

MPI Westfield is…. My local chapter. I live in Northern Westchester, and hope to become active within this chapter.

I would still like….to own a lake/beach house some day.  We currently have a ski house in VT, but ready to turn in the snow for the sand.

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WestField Fun Facts


Top 7

  1. Food and beverage minimums mean this is the minimum amount that a potential client must spend in order to secure the room/listing or event space. Many event spaces which serve food and beverage require a potential client to meet that minimum regardless of whether or not they have the number of people available to meet the per head price. For example, if a venue has a food and beverage minimum of $1500.00 and the per head price is $100.00 it would require 15 people to meet the food and beverage minimum – 15 X $100 = $1500.00. But, if the person booking the venue only has 10 people and is willing to meet the food and beverage minimum, then the per head price would be $150.00 per person – 10 x $150 = $1500.00. In essence, if the venue has a food and beverage minimum and the potential client is willing to pay that minimum regardless, then technically, the potential client can book that venue.
  2. Inventor David Bushness of Connecticut drew up the original plans for the first submarine in 1776

  3. Connecticut averages roughly 2,400 hours of sunshine every year, the equivalent of 100 days.

  4. The Native American name for White Plains was Quarropas, meaning “white marshes.” Historians believe the title may reference the heavy mist that settled over the swampland of the Bronx River or the groves of white balsam that possibly populated the region centuries ago.

  5. The birthstones for August are the peridot and the sardonyx and the flowers are the gladiolus and poppy.

  6. In 2015, August is the only month beginning on a Saturday.

     7.  Happiness is contagious.

It is a proven fact.

Have you ever been watching a TV show or around friends where everyone is laughing uncontrollably and for some strange reason you can’t help but laugh as well. You may not even know why you are laughing. It’s because your body, your soul, your psyche knows that you need to laugh and you need to be “Happy.” Everybody does. We are all connected. How others feel affects our mood. How we feel affects how others feel about us. When you are “Happy” others around you get “Happy” too.

Take some time to smile at the people you meet today.

If you make eye contact, I bet they will smile back.



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MPI WestField Member Incentive



Round Two….we received feedback that our Members liked our Member Incentive and this year MPI Westfield wants every member to play! Most important for us is that are members are engaged and fulfilled in their experiences! Did you know….we want to reward you for every event that you attend, every committee you belong to, every new member referral, and we have many additional ways to Win!

Beginning July 1st, 2016 and announcing winners at our Annual Event in June 2017, you will have the opportunity to earn “points” by participating in these various Chapter activities and eligible to win the following:

1st place – Complimentary admission to all MPI Westfield Education programs in 2017-2018 or a $250 AMEX Gift Certificate

2nd place – Complimentary one year MPI Westfield Membership 2017 – 2018 or a $150 AMEX Gift Certificate

3rd place – Complimentary admission to our MPI Westfield Meet Now 2018 Event or a $50 AMEX Gift Certificate



Point breakdown:

5 Points:

  • Attend any MPI Westfield Chapter event
  • Bring a guest (meeting planner/supplier) with you to a MPI Westfield Chapter event…Supplier gets Double points and a planner gets Triple points.

10 Points:

  • Recruit/refer a new chapter member
  • Submit and article/topic for the Chapter Newsletter
  • Secure a donation for auction/holiday party or reception program

15 points:

  • Confirm a new chapter member
  • Sponsor a Program
  • Purchase MPI Westfield Advertising Opportunity

30 points:

  • Become a CMP or CMM
  • Renew your MPI Westfield Chapter membership, 60 days prior to expiration date


Four Check In Dates to Highest Points Recipients will receive a Surprise:

3 Months In – September 2016

6 Months In – December 2016

9 Months In – March 2017

11 Months In – May 2017

So….who will get the Prize this year as all our Members of our Chapter are already Winners!!! Game on…..


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Most Valuable Member

WestField's Most Valuable Members - July

Robin Gardner


Gabriela Ong

Meet Puerto Rico

Adrienne Sbarbaro, CMP

Hilton Westchester

Karen Haas


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WestField Member News

MPI WestField is proud to announce our new VP of Finance...

Phyllis Shelton with iPower Global Solutions

MPI Global Non Memeber Attendance Policy

NEW Meeting Attendance Policy: All Essential Level members or non-members are limited to no more than two events in one fiscal year and must pay the Essential Level/Non-member rate. MPI Preferred or Premier Level members are welcome to attend all chapter events at the Member Price.



Mary Leder - August 5

Angela Mingrone - August 10

Mina Malin - August 14

Kimberly Fields - August 16

Corey Cesario - August 23

Caroline Moran - August 24







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Noteworthy Venues



MBYC represents the ultimate blending of historic buildings, recreational resources, and outstanding cuisine. Known for its breathtaking views of the Long Island Sound, stunning formal gardens, and seasonal tented deck, special events at Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club bring a highly personalized approach with gracious service to each event.

Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club is set on the landmark Osborne estate built by noted architect Stamford White of Mc Kim, Mead, and White in 1885. Surrounded on three sides by the Long Island Sound, the estate represents one of the earliest residential commissions for Mc Kim, Mead, and White. Among other Mc Kim, Mead, and White structures are The Morgan Library and Museum, The New York Public Library, The East and West Wings of the White House, The Washington Square Arch, and the original Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.

Corporate Outings:

MBYC prides itself on our one-of-a-kind packages designed for corporate outings. With our water front setting come plan an outing that your clients will be raving about for years to come.

Beach & grounds for up to 1,500

Full Service Marina with 57 slips for yachts up to 90 feet

Round Robin tournaments on 9 Har-tru courts with our Pro’s

80 yards of beach located on the Long Island Sound

Kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.

Inflatable floats for beach races & games  

Expansive lawns for volleyball, whiffle ball, field games horseshoes, tug-of-war, egg toss or tournament games

Kidney shaped pool, Kids wading pool, Carnivals and inflatable

Waterfront or Beach 'BBQ'; Lobster Bake, Bonfires 

Sand Sculpture/Castle Workshops

Craft Beer/Wine Tastings and Pairings on our spacious deck

Custom Cocktail Parties or Dinners in our formal gardens or ballroom

Team Building Games with Instruction

Parasailing & Jet-skis



Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Retirement Parties, Proms, Non-Profit

Cozy wine tasting for 30 in our formal gardens overlooking the Sound

Intimate dinner for 40 on our waterfront deck

Sit down dinner and dancing in our 6,000 square foot ballroom for 375, surrounded by water on 3 sides

Continuous cocktails in the ballroom for 550



Located just 20 miles north of NYC

Grand Central – New Haven Line trains leave every 30 minutes to Mamaroneck

Mamaroneck station is 1.5 miles from MBYC


Full buy out options available



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WestField Program Recap

Thank you for joining us at the Presidential Reception Event on August 10th.

Special thank you to our venue sponsor and AV sponsor.


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Connections Campaign

Connecting is Effecting … your business, relationships, ideas, development, and collaborations! 

* Applicant agrees to share connection information, except the dollar amount on the website.

Year-to-date Connections...

Number of Connections Year-to-Date: TBD
Value of Connections Year-to-Date:  TBD

Our vision and mission as a member-centric organization are focused on building those personal and business connections for you, connecting you to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. It’s about supporting each other, and helping each other to BUY MPI. 

Some of us are aware of the business that is exchanged within the chapter but is everyone?  This is the chance to share and connect with your peers.  Whether your connection is planner to planner, planner to supplier, supplier to planner, or supplier to supplier- we want to hear about it!

You can choose to remain anonymous if preferred, but please submit your connections using the link above. If you have any questions, contact our VP of Communications, Brandon Glen, at [email protected].

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WestField Partners

Thank you to all our MPI WestField Partners!



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Get Involved!


There is no “I” in Team but there is a “u” in volunteer!
Do “u” have some extra time and want to help make a difference within our industry.
Please email us at [email protected] for further information or to become part of a
committee today.


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